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Plastic Injection Molding

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Looking for an expert injection molding manufacturer?
Considering metal-to-plastic product conversion?
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Frustrated with the lure of low prices equaling inferior product from foreign manufacturers?

Toolroom Capabilities

We are Plastics One.

Injection Molding

  • Located In Southwest Virginia.
  • Design, prototype and build components from 1 gram up to 3 pounds.
  • Cleanroom Class 7 and Class 8, ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015
  • Metal to plastic product conversion with engineered and commodity resins.
  • Small quantity runs: as few as 100 pieces.
  • Mold repair.
  • Medical, Environmental, Electronic, Industrial, Military and Transportation applications.
  • Run your molds here.
  • 15 ton - 550 ton injection molding machines.
  • In-house tooling - fully equipped 4500 square feet tool room.
  • Barcode, imprint and packaging services.
You donít have to look far to find experts in custom injection molding. Located in Virginia, Plastics One has more than 60 years of expertise in close tolerance, injection and insert molding with engineered and commodity resins. From hearing aids and hula hoops in the 1950ís to life-enhancing medical and industrial products, we are heroes in product design and lean manufacturing.

Our passion is for quality; our mission is for service.
Call or email us and tell us how we can help you.
Our Plastic Part Design Guide will show you the best practices in mold design.

newsBenefits of Using a Hot Runner Injection System

Hot runner molds differ from cold runners because the nozzle that distributes the hot plastic is directly in the part which results in a dramatically shorter cycle time. This shorter cycle time in turn saves money because youíre not paying for excessive time. Another benefit.... continue

newsLost Time Due to Mold Maintenance and Repair

Molds require routine maintenance- some after every run or in the middle of a long run. Molds break due to fatigue. Molds crash, injector pins bend, springs snap, water lines leak, heaters wear out. All of these things are part of the natural life cycle of a mold. To fix these issues requires a tool maker to take the mold apart, diagnosing the problem and repairing the mold. Repairing the mold often means making new core pins, new cavities, polishing or remaking inserts. This requires... Continue reading

news Manufacturing in the USA vs. Manufacturing Overseas

Overseas manufacturers entice with their low costs of labor and production, but many American companies are finding out the hard way that paying for products to be made across the pond is not worth the cost. Manufacturing overseas adds additional hurdles to jump like language, cultural and time differences... Continue reading
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