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Manufacturing in the USA vs. Manufacturing Overseas

Overseas manufacturers entice with their low costs of labor and production, but many American companies are finding out the hard way that paying for products to be made across the pond is not worth the cost. Manufacturing overseas adds additional hurdles to jump like language, cultural and time differences... continue

Plastic Part Design Guide

To insure a quality final product, it is necessary to start out with quality components. Injection molded parts can be molded to a high quality standard by focusing on these areas of plastic technology... continue

Thermoplastic Selection

This paper will hopefully help in the selection of an appropriate polymer for your application. First thing to keep in mind is: polymer selection is dictated by the required performance... continue

Cost of Counterfeit Products

China is now what some would call the counterfeit capital of the world. For years Americans and other companies around the world have sent their businesses and production facilities overseas so that they too could tap into the enormous cost benefits of cheap labor and essentially lower overhead costs... continue

ISO Certifications

Plastics One's ISO Certifications continue

Plastics One Awarded Small Business of the Year for Southwest Va.

Plastics One was honored when it was selected as Small Business of the Year by the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce... continue

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