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Benefits of Using a Hot Runner Injection System

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A Conventional runner/cold runner typically dictates a longer cycle time, which is the time required for the plastic to harden in the mold from open to open. The cold runner system usually has larger wall thickness than the actual part, which means the material cooling time is wasted on scrap plastic. Conventional runners are more economical for short term, as you donít have to spend as much initially on the mold. In longer production runs the costs rise because you will have to manage segregating and removing the runner/scrap from the product

Hot runner molds differ from cold runners because the nozzle that distributes the hot plastic is directly in the part which results in a dramatically shorter cycle time. This shorter cycle time in turn saves money because youíre not paying for excessive time. Another benefit with a hot runner is there is little to no scrap plastic or runners which will save on material usage.

We were able to help one of our customers transition from convention runner to hot runner mold to save 25% on a shorter cycle time and 15% material savings. For this project we also opted to go with a robot to sort parts which eliminated even more labor cost, which was not possible using the conventional runner system.

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